10 Indian Cities With A Great Nightlife | Top 10

Urban India has seen a rise in the young population which works hard and parties harder. With a growth in the five-day week corporate culture and tech companies who work round the clock, there has been a burgeoning of the clubbing, pubbing and eating-out joints around the country, prompting us to draw up a list of the top ten rocking cities. Get an overview on what’s hip and happening


National geographic has placed Goa in the sixth spot in their ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities’ list.  The city’s night bazaars and music festivals are a major draw. And the innovative, creative pubs and clubs dotting the state, playing music from around the world are irresistible, as is the lip-smacking Goan cuisine.


It is truly the city that never sleeps. You are sure to get good music, good food and great drinks at a variety of restaurants, clubs and pubs, right into the wee hours of the morning. Even the beautiful promenades fronting the seas are buzzing till late at night.


The nightlife in Bangalore has undergone a stark change in the last five years, becoming the city with the most innovative and diverse options of pubs, clubs and eateries. From micro-breweries to art cafes to organic eateries, the city has whipped up a great cocktail of culture and fun.


Delhi easily makes it to this list owing to its beautiful and spacious lounges, bars, hotels and restaurants among lush green environs and the never say never spirit of its people. The early closing hours are a bit of a dampner, but the spirit of the people more than makes up for it.


College students and techies drive the hip and happening pub and nightclub culture in Pune. It is also one of the safest cities in India, so women can go out with no qualms.


When it comes to fun, people on this side of the Aravallis can’t be far behind. Chandigarh boasts of good pubs and good liquor. Even local markets buzz with all kinds of eating and drinking joints till late in the night.


Considered the hippest of cities, and one of the first to boast of cafes and pubs during the pre-Independence era, Kolkata seemed to lose some steam in the intervening years. Now there is a resurgence of good pubs and nightclubs pulling the crowds to it again.


Hyderabad has seen a mushrooming of pubs and clubs in the last few years, most of it owing to a growing tech and biotechnology industry.


Chennai is one of the few cities to have escaped the time restrictions applicable in most other cities and has lately evolved into a city with an exciting night life.


Though a major tourist spot, the nightlife in this city is still largely pushed by demand from the locals all set to make the most of the day at night.

There is great promise in the changing cultural landscape with people wishing to make the most of every waking and sleeping hour in the pursuit of fun.


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